Tips for Running in the Humidity

Hello! I just came back from a extremely hot as well as damp run. That’s just part of the offer in Florida in the summer. as well as I’ve been rolling (or running) with it. I have got a number of concerns as well as comments about exactly how to run in the humidity so this publish has a few of my tips.

I’m not a full time professional in running in humidity since I spent 84% of my time in California, however I am:
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A.) super not acclimated to humidity so I do have to make it a concern to run wise as well as safe. The area I online in SoCal is super dry by comparison so this is a BIG change for my body (and not a progressive change).

B.) somebody who has run in this weather condition for a few weeks each time every June, many Septembers as well as December for the past 7 years.

“I would like to checked out a publish with your tips for running when it’s so damp out now that you have been getting some genuine experience with it in FL! I have a half in September that I requirement to be training for, however with this humidity i’m having a difficult time just forcing myself to run outside! I understand I requirement to be up at the fracture of dawn, however what else can i do?”  (From a comment on a recent post.)

This morning I hit the walkway for 10 miles. It was about 85 degrees as well as 67% humidity. No joke.

Tips for Running in Humidity:

1. Make hydration a priority. before running. Mid-Run. After running.

I make note of the water fountains as well as have stopped at the beach as well as Publix for a drink.

I likewise bring a few dollars to buy a wateror sports drink. You may requirement electrolytes more than usual in ‘new to you’ weather condition whatever the extreme if your body is not utilized to it.

I bought this today on my run as well as basically chugged everything instantly as well as then took the picture.



2. inspect the weather condition report as well as run around it.

Try to run early or late = the coolest part of the day. I am coming from Pacific time as well as it is difficult to get up at 6am Eastern time to get up as well as run, however it’s important. I experience for a few days with Camiseta AS Roma the get up call, as well as try to take a nap if I can.


3. wear quality, sweat wicking clothes. I make sure to pack high quality running gear that can assist me feel a bit more comfortable.

The truth is I’m going to be totally drenched in sweat by the end no matter what, however wick-wear helps. So does a visor as well as lighter colored shirts to keep me a bit cooler.

For this hot run I was wearing:

ProCompression Visor

Oakley Running Sunglasses

Run like An animal tee <- this is not long offered however right here is a similar one. Running Shorts or try these  7″ shorts ProCompression low socks Running shoes (get assessed as well as fitted at a running store)   4. Run slower as well as shorter. It’s important to modification your running in extremely extreme conditions to keep your health and wellness a priority. If it’s super hot or chilly – run wise as well as modification your running accordingly. This means I am slower when I run in extremely hot, damp conditions. That’s okay. Take walking breaks if you requirement to. Check in with your body as well as assess exactly how much to push yourself based on effort level, sweat, hydration, Camiseta SSC Napoli tiredness as well as anything else that your body is utilizing to suggest exactly how it’s going.


5. enjoy the journey. long distance running is about running for fantastic distances, hello. We pass gorgeous locations as well as people as well as things however are frequently caught up in our speed as well as what our watch is stating as well as la-di-da…

Well, sometimes you have to stop as well as odor the flowers your own sweat. enjoy it. take in the sights. Take a picture. phone call a friend, or your mom.

The most important thing is to RUN SMART. One run isn’t worth putting your health and wellness in jeopardy. even if the weather condition report doesn’t show it’s a especially hot day, however your body is telling you it’s as well much – Camiseta River Plate stop.

Question: exactly how do you handle running in the summer?



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