Dirty Does It

After having the Jamba Juice Pumpkin Smash Smoothie last weekend I have been consumed with recreating it at home. Today I assembled my components as well as went to town.  

Pumpkin as well as pumpkin pie flavor are the two primary ingredients. I likewise needed something to sweeten it as well as make it creamy. For this I decided to utilize a packet of Vanilla protein powder.  
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In the blender:

– 1/2c pumpkin

– packet protein powder

– 1 cup almond milk

– ice

– 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie flavor (I like a lot)

– chia seeds (optional)

Then, top it with outstanding granola. This is what truly makes it so you cannot avoid this part! I utilized Attune’s Granola Munch in Maple Nut.

The business sent me three different flavors to try as well as as soon as I saw this I understood it was destined for fantastic things. The Maple Nut is the perfect compliment to pumpkin! It tastes like brown sugar as well as has pieces of pecans – totally works with a autumn flavor like this.

I don’t believe this is a perfect re-creation of the Jamby smoothie, so I’ll have to keep working on it. Darn ?

Earlier today I attempted to clean. I can provide you a number of reasons as to why I’m dirty, however the number one is most likely since I am poor at the “cleaning” element of life. Well, up until today when I put on my huge woman socks as well as cleaned away!

But, I didn’t modification when I went to run some tasks as well as just ended up appearing like an overgrown soccer player buying at Costco. keeping it classy when again.

Lunch was a lame salad, Costco samples as well as whatever else I might discover to crunch extremely loudly. I felt crunchy today.

Then, I took a step backwards in my attempts to be clean as well as got distracted by iced coffee as well as Twitter when I was supposed to be dusting. Dustings not that important in the grand plan of things, right?  

I grabbed a few forkfuls of the most outstanding chocolate nut butter understood to guy too.

Then, in proof Monica is filthy #2, I grabbed an apple out of the container on the method house from Costco. There is a reason apples are part of the filthy dozen, however a bit pesticides never killed anybody. Oh wait, they totally do. Grrreat.

As I was composing this publish I realized in addition to my hot pink knee highs, I obviously had dirt on my forehead. You’re welcome for the laugh fellow Costco shoppers. as well as that would be the #3 reason.

The full filthy lots listing is:



Sweet Bell Peppers






Grapes (Imported)




Ah! I Camiseta VfL Wolfsburg truly requirement to begin buying organic apples as well as grapes!

This may look like filthy rice, however in actuality it’s a Mexican Meatless meal a day early. I’m cheating by Camiseta PSV Eindhoven making it on Sunday, that’s kinda filthy too.

And in situation you prefer clean fruits as well as veggies, this is the listing of the least contaminated produce:



Sweet Corn (Frozen)




Sweet Peas (Frozen)

Kiwi Fruit





If you have to select buy the filthy listing organic as well as save money on these as it’s a bit safer to buy them “regular”.

Question: Do you buy organic?

I do when I can, however it’s not always offered or economically possible. In circumstances such as this I just try to do my finest ?



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