OC half Marathon 2016 recap

yesterday I ran the OC half Marathon. It was a really good race even though SkinnyRunner my long time partner in crime at this race was not there (this is me trying to make her feel guilty). I normally run the full marathon but considering that I haven’t been running long lately I made a decision to keep it half style this time.

Pre-race: The night before the half marathon I set out all the stuff I need for the race and after the race. I normally pack a bag with the basics like water, change of clothes, flip-flops…
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Since Ben is here he used to drop me off at the race. The OC marathon/half is a point to point course which indicates it starts at one place (Fashion Island)  and ends somewhere else (the fair grounds in Costa Mesa). You need to park at the finish and take a shuttle to the start which requires an extra early wake up call to get all that done.

I got to the start with just enough time to hit the shower room and line up as the gun went off.

I was sporting my surf City Marathon tee as my throw away, but didn’t need it. It wasn’t that cold and I could have been fine without it. I hate when I waste a throw away!

The race: I love the OC half (but I am partial to SoCal races). There are a few small hills, but it feels like a lot of downhill too in the beginning. There is one steep hill at mile 11. There is an Camiseta Stade Rennais FC aid station ideal on the hill to distract you, but it’s so steep it never distracts me. I felt really terrific the whole race until the top of that hill. I ran it (I walk a lot of hills lately) and at the top felt like my legs were incredibly heavy and Camiseta US Sassuolo done. Luckily, I got it back and kept chugging away.

I am pretty delighted with my finish time considering that I feel like I have been slower than normal lately  – 1:46:56. With an average pace of 8:10 I’m incredibly ecstatic about that! I have been really just slogging along lately listening to audio books and thinking about life on my runs.

I grabbed a banana and hitched a ride home (Ben picked me up). local races are the best, it’s just so much much easier to coordinate.

Aaaaaand I subscribed for a marathon at the expo that I’m incredibly ecstatic about! I am not even 100% sure I can do it considering that it’s out of town and I am not sure of what’s going on in my life over the next three months but I am still ecstatic and going to plan for it to happen. Boom.

Next up: Tinkerbelle 10k and half Marathon this weekend! I need to get my costumes ready!!

Question: Do you have any travel plans for this year? I never know how far in development to plan stuff!



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