IDEA world physical fitness Convention as well as BlogFest fun

hey there from the concept world physical fitness Convention as well as BlogFest! I’m right here doing double task – interviewing a master fitness instructor for Propel as well as speaking on a BlogFest panel.

This year the convention is in Anaheim – just a lil drive from my house. So, I headed over yesterday afternoon as well as made myself comfortable.
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Sweet potato fries. When done ideal they are so amazing.

This morning I had an early wake-up contact us to go to a Schwinn spin class. I made a decision to buy space service the night before so I wouldn’t be anxious about discovering food before my hectic day.

Steel cut oats, eggs, hash brows… obviously I’m I’m fueling for a marathon.

I was lucky sufficient to shadow Julz Arney for the morning. She is president of team Arney, a health and wellness as well as physical fitness consulting company. She led the Schwinn Cycling: Camiseta Gremio Rockstars, Preachers as well as celebration people class.

I was able to take the class as well as discovered a heap about leading a cycling class. whatever from the music to the words you state to the lights to your gestures to your drills ‘make or break’ it as well as keep your people coming back. I was truly motivated!

After class I was able to sit down with Arney as well as chat with her about her task (or I must state jobsss) as well as what it’s like to be a physical fitness expert ideal now. She travels a heap working as the Schwinn Cycling education Director, plus she has two bit youngsters as well as other partnerships.


And she likewise teaches classes that are really regional to me so I may inspect one out soon!

The opening ceremonies as well as Keynote Address were after that. Oh my gosh. I went to this last year as well as well as it is soooo inspirational. Augie Nieto as well as his other half Lynne came out to share this story of his battle with ALS. She pointed out the ice container difficulty that I just did too! inspect out Augie’s Quest for more.

This year Diana Nyad was the champion of the Jack Lalane award as well as her speech was amazing. I was already extremely familiar with Nyad from NPR as well as I had likewise heard about her legendary swim Camiseta Racing Club de Avellaneda from Cuba to Florida.

(I just realized there is a documentary about her that I truly want to see now – The other Shore.)

Her speech was awesome. considering that you most likely missed it right here is her Ted Talk as a consolation prize.

From there I taken a look at the expo a bit bit, however Bobbi as well as I made a decision to get hold of some food before we got as well crazy with the samples.

Lunch. plus a Quest Bar for dessert. #YouKnow

And now I’m back in my hotel space speaking to you great people. I’m unexpectedly exhausted out of nowhere, however I have 30 minutes to respond to emails as well as then I’m headed back out for a lot more fun

Question: If you might shadow somebody at their task for someday – who would it be?

Disclaimer: This publish is part of my  partnership with Propel. All opinions are my own.



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