Baked Tofu Sandwich

remember when I hit up the Asian market for the ingredients for my Thai Coconut Soup?

Well, I also pick up something new for lunch – Baked Tofu. I’ve baked tofu myself before, but this is the first pre-baked kind I’ve tried. I recently discovered a love for baked tofu sandwiches so I thought I’d save some time by trying this stuff.
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It came in a big slab and I cut a piece to perfectly fit the bread. Then,  I piled it in a sandwich thin with hummus, mustard, lettuce, tomato and onion. It looks kinda strange and I started having second thoughts as I unpacked my lunch to eat at work. Darn. If I didn’t like it I would have been stuck with no other food.

Luckily, I liked it! This kind was unflavored, so it’s a little bland compared to my homemade baked tofu. I typically season mine up a lot. but the onions and hummus helped make this a enjoyable sandwich experience.

I am trying to have bigger lunches so I don’t come home starving… but I just realized I brought 2 forks and not 1 spoon. Isn’t that the worst?

Plus an afternoon snack ? TJ’s Peanut Butter filled pretzels!

The competition for the Foodbuzz challenge 3 seems pretty tough! hope you’ll vote for me here ?

My thoughts from the Marie Claire drama: I in some cases get emails from readers struggling with eating disorders. I am not a doctor or RD (on a very long road to that one). and I always refer people struggling to see a professional. But, I’m not going to pretend like I don’t realize people who have food issues read my blog.

If Run, Eat, Repeat makes you feel… bad, fat, obsessive about food, like you ought to run more, like you ought to run at all, like you ought to have been born with red hair to a Mexican Camiseta Brighton & Hove Albion FC family… please don’t read. I really am not here to make anybody feel negative in any way. Promise.

I talk about my body and my issues to help myself. I am a work in progress and in some cases I write very candidly, using words that might make people uncomfortable. just like my challenge 3 post, I have to keep it real. I hope my blog and my experiences are helpful or at least enjoyable to read ?

 Fun stuff: My trail mix was featured on Woman’s Day for Snack Smart Friday! 



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