Roy Nelson Suspended 9 Months, Fined $24,000 For Kicking Referee

update – following a public apology Nelson’s Camiseta Watford FC suspension was minimized to 6 months


At UFC fight night 95 Roy Nelson unceremoniously kicked referee John McCarthy after a perceived late stoppage.  This upset the heavyweight who believes he had to then inflict unnecessary damage on his opponent.

Brazil’s remarkable Justice Court of sport examined the matter and have now handed Nelson a $24,000 fine and a 9 month suspension.

As first reported by MMAFighting’s Guilherme Cruz

The maximum penalty, according to the STJDMMA, would be a 25-month suspension and $40,000 fine. However, the court informed MMA battling on Wednesday that STJDMMA president Marcelo Sedlmayer Jorge had made a decision to hand Nelson a nine-month suspension, retroactive to Sept. 29, as well as a $24,000 fine.

According to the STJDMMA, Nelson pointed out in his defense that he was terrified due to some pre-fight situations, including the way Brazilian MMA fans behaved at the weigh-ins. The STJDMMA also said that Nelson pointed out his complicated relationship with McCarthy, but stated that he never intended to hurt the referee.

The STJDMMA accepted Nelson’s explanation, but said that it wouldn’t be enough to avoid punishment, because “the athlete has an obligation to respect the honor, preserve the health, and physical and moral integrity of the referee,” and nothing justified Nelson’s actions.

Jorge initially considered handing Nelson a one-year suspension with $33,000 fine. However, based on Nelson’s history, and the fact that he didn’t intend to hurt McCarthy, the STJDMMA minimized his punishment to a nine-month suspension and $24,000 fine.

Nelson still has a chance to return before June 29 though. The STJDMMA is using the heavyweight a chance to minimize his punishment to a six-month suspension and $13,700 fine if the UFC allows him to formally apologize to McCarthy inside the Octagon or during some form of press conference, preferably if McCarthy is attending, before Dec. 31. If he does that, Nelson Camiseta AS Roma would be complimentary to compete after March Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Irán 29.

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