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perhaps I truly am Irish since today was my lucky day

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I PRd at the Los Angeles Marathon on St. Patrick’s Day with a new time of 3:42:15!

I’m either officially a leprechaun or a chupacabra. one of those.

Last night I stayed at Steve’s since he has done the LA Marathon for 8 years as well as understands the drill. I’ve heard horror stories about the logistics of this race Camiseta Corinthians Paulista since it’s a point to point program – starting at Dodger stadium as well as ending 26 miles away in Santa Monica. (So you have to take a bus or discover a method to get to Dodger stadium as well as have your vehicle parked near the beach or some other plan.)

My buddy Michelle left me a great luck note!

Steve understands me extremely well as well as was prepped with tons of watermelon for pre-race fuel.

So, Steve woke me up in the morning shouting, “Ready for a PR?!”

I told him No since I haven’t been training difficult for this race.

I truly didn’t expect to have such a great run since my legs have been taking a long time to recuperate as well as it was expected to be truly hot. I haven’t been running with his group so he was just throwing it available – I don’t believe either one of us expected me to have such a strong race.

I was sporting my pro Compression shamrock socks! like them! That red sweatshirt was my throw away gear.

Skinny Runner as Camiseta Leeds United well as I were in corral C since she’s a Cutie with a funding C.

(Update: skinny Runner utilized to have the most prominent running blog in the world. however she retired to focus on her household 2 years ago. She’s still on Instagram as BarlesHambone though.

Okay now for the concern you all want to know… exactly how were you born with bright red hair unless your mother is hiding something?

Why / exactly how did I pr again?!

I kinda believe God is playing a joke on me on some level?

I truly DO NOT understand who is showing up on race day so I can’t anticipate a great or poor race. around mile 8 of any type of full marathon or half marathon I’ll understand who showed up.

On race day I recognize one of the following:

A.) fun fun Monican who’s there for a great time (and will be running for a long time). “Listen I requirement to save some energy for my frozen yogurt marathon after the race – don’t rush me!”

B.) type “C” character Monican that wishes to do well, however doesn’t care sufficient to get unpleasant as well as do it to it.

C.) major as sht Monican who is in it to win it. <- This illusive Monican only shows up on extremely unusual events after a crescent moon, Venus rising in the west as well as it’s a ideal 55 degrees. I really started the race with the 3:45 speed group just since they were best by me. I stayed with them for a while however I believed they were going out method as well fast. After the very first crowded/slow mile they were at 8:00/miles flat! No bueno. So, I chose to do my own thing as well as try to stay with a 3:45 speed on my own. Obviously I am on a pr high so best now I will state I liked the Los Angeles marathon!!! mainly since the last 2 miles were downhill. I honestly don’t understand why I am rocking races lately. I credit rating my fueling as well as I likewise have been running much more – however that’s it! The medals as well as marathon t-shirts both state with St. Patrick’s Day! The shamrock in the middle is a eco-friendly piece of glass. See? Now for the success lap… Check out this big burrito – size matters as well as this is huge one! The genuine concern is – What do I do now? I have been running extremely strong as well as I’m pleased about it. But, I’m hesitant to provide myself a particular time goal PR. My huge goal last year was just to break 4 hours. I did that as well as I am extremely happy of it – however I feel like that just happened. I didn’t believe of a goal beyond that. Today best after the race my mother asked if I was going to try as well as qualify for Boston. The Boston qualifying time for me is 3:35:00 – that’s still A great deal of time to take off a race. A LOT. I have a 30 mile ultra race coming up in may so for now I’m going to focus on that. beyond that I’m not sure where life is taking me so we’ll hold off on one more pr for now up until I figure it Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Portugal out.

> In other very interesting news Aleksandra Duliba won the LA Marathon for the women! The race has a sex difficulty where they provide the elite lady 18 minute head begin on the elite males.

Question: It’s St. Patrick’s Day!!! What are you doing to celebrate?​



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