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It’s hard not to look at magazines and famous people and avoid comparing yourself. but it doesn’t have to be a completely horrible thing when you find healthy body role models.

I have “fitness idols” that I aspire to be more like. Camiseta Liverpool FC For example, I love Venus and Serena Williams. These are two ladies I adore because of their bodies and Camiseta Paris Saint-Germain athletic accomplishments.
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I love their strong, defined bodies. I want to look like them, move like them and carry myself like them.

I think I have a similar body type as these girls and know that with some a lot of work I can be just as defined. But, unlike the more naturally thin females in magazines, I am not chasing an unrealistic fantasy by wanting to be more like the Williams sisters. I love that I have two outstanding women I can aspire to be more like. and I love that I feel like they own it. They own their athleticism, their bodies and their confidence. They exude success and I love it.

Serena was injured couldn’t play in the us open this year. but she’ll be back.

I also adore Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher – Camiseta Santos Laguna both of whom happen to be pregnant and still running! I hope to be one tenth as outstanding when I’m preggers ? I just wish Runner’s world would have put them on the cover – running belly and all…

Breakfast – oats in the jar. This is great for me to eat on the road. A jar of oats is easier to hold in one hand as I drive. Not that I do that… Run: 4 miles to get the soreness out. I feel super tight and really need to stretch though.


Question: who is your fitness idol?

I also look up to female runners – especially mom runners ?



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