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Hello! I’m really flying above you right this second {waves from airplane} on my method to Florida. Ben went back last week as well as now I’m headed that method to hang out for a lil bit. The long term plans of my life are 100% up in the air (just like  me) however I’m not worried about it (oddly).

However, I am worried about what I’m going to eat. I’m always worried about that.
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Luckily, I didn’t have to concern about that for a few days last week since Veestro, a vegetarian meal shipment service, sent me a few days worth of meals to enjoy. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be all about it, however every single thing I tried was truly delicious. as well as since it’s Meatless Monday I am sharing my thoughts about Veestro with ya…

Breakfast… I got back from a run just in time to discover a huge box on my doorstep. Seriously perfect timing! I unpacked the box as well as instantly microwaved the Oatmeal Bar. This bar was more like a baked oatmeal meal you’d eat with a fork. It had cranberries as well as walnuts as well as I liked it a lot.

All of the meals include nutrition info on the label. I want to state this bar was about 320 Camiseta Inter Milan calories as well as it was super big. It was likewise gluten free. Boom!

Lunch was this Risotto dish. I have been truly consumed with rice lately. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked rice however now I want it everyday. I even bought those ready-to-go packs of microwaveable brown rice from Costco as well as have had them as a snack! Ha! #TeamCarbs

Anyway… the risotto was great. as well as the structure was area on too – that’s difficult to discover with frozen dishes.

Another day I had this kale as well as tempeh salad for lunch. two salads came with the pack. For these you just location in the fridge overnight to thaw.

Dinner was a red curry tofu meal with two brown rice mounds. I heated it up in the container it came in as well as then plated it for presentation. This made it fancy, right? I like curry, however don’t usually like it (read: I don’t order it at restaurants however I’ll take yours) however I totally licked the plate clean on this one.

Thoughts: The meals were all delicious. like that there are lots of vegan, dairy free as well as gluten free menu items. as well as even though it was frozen, it didn’t taste super processed.

Yes, it is expensive, however that is super typical with meal shipment services.

Right now Veestro is offering 12 meals plus cookies for $99.00 as well as free shipping. It’s called the Starter pack on their site.

Back to RER on the road… I took vegas to my mom’s to feline sit while I’m gone as well as he reminded me he does NOT like the car. I understand cat, as well bad.

And during my layover at the PHX flight terminal I satisfied Antonio Villaraigosa! Whhhhat? He’s the former mayor of LA. as well as he’s most likely going to be president some day. I totally acted like Camiseta Boca Juniors a dork since we were passing each other in the terminal as well as I was like, “OH my gosh! I have to satisfy you!” as well as I just stopped him as well as started blabbing about who understands what. #GetItTogetherMonican

Thought for Camiseta Selección de fútbol de México today via RER’s instagram, in situation you don’t comply with me I wished to share

Question: have you ever satisfied a elegant politician?

Do you travel with your pets?



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