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Hello! How’s it going? Who’s down for running a 5k or 10k around Thanksgiving?!

Last night the women came over as well as Bri brought flame Broiler. like that place.
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I’ve decided to begin watching mad Med from the beginning to ensure that Camiseta CF Monterrey topped off my night. So far I believe it’s kinda slow/boring though. as well as I likewise believe it should be called ad Men. I dunno.

This morning I started off with a walk in my RER tee as well as Mizunos. I truly enjoy just walking as well as speaking to myself in my brain.

Then, I headed to physician for a inspect up. I truly like my physician however she’s far away so I drove up with all the OC/LA traffic. however seriously she is the best. If you are in the Whittier/Norwalk/Downey area email me if you want her name.

It was just the usual examination stuff to make sure my hypochondria didn’t spread. however I do suspect I’m going to die… at some point. So, I’m trying to online life to the fullest for now

Since I was there they immediately just provided me a flu shot (obviously I might have stated no, however I rolled with it). I utilized to never get flu shots since I’m healthy as well as religious about Vitamin C as well as sleep.

But last year between Oct-Nov I did 6 races back to back that needed 8 cross country flights (read: germ boxes) so I made sure to get a flu shot. All that travel/time change/ airplane air as well as running 26.2 miles is difficult on my immune system!

I was advised to show up without eating for blood tests. By the time Camiseta OGC Nice I got out I was HANGRY. I rushed to my parent’s home (close by) as well as ate all their food. all of it.

Now I’m working from the kitchen area with these perros.

And since I’m at my fam’s home right here Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Irán is a bit Throwback Thursday action:

Question: Do you get a flu shot?

Do you drink whiskey? I’ve never tried it!



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