Sugar crunch Grapes and Waiting until July for a calendar

Hello! delighted Friday! how was your week? I’m getting ready to head to visit my one friend SkinnyRunner so today has been all about working on a few writing projects and packing. but before all Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Polonia that I hit the sidewalk for a 4 mile run and 21 day fix dirty 30 workout.

Then, I made those incredibly protein waffles I keep seeing all over Instagram.
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Five lower Body exercises for Runners! try this quick strength workout at home for your legs, hips and glutes. No equipment needed.

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(I have a George Foreman Grill that has removable plates and use the waffle attachment for these. It works great even though I was skeptical when I first tried it considering that waffles can be messy, right?)

Since I’m on my way outta town vegas helped me pack. That would be really great of him except he got fur all over everything. Fantastic.

Okay now I have to share my favorites from this week because I’m really ecstatic about…

My new watermelon shot glasses! I do not need these, but I 100% needed them. Ya know? I couldn’t not get them. who cares if they don’t even fit in the cabinets because I have so lots of random mismatched glasses? I’ll probably break one or two soon per normal anyway.

I am normally a purple grape lover but the name of these green grapes caught my eye – sugar crunch grapes! sign me up.

And I finally got a year calendar to plan out upcoming races and events. I went to office Depot (or something like that, they’re all Camiseta Crystal Palace FC the same kinda) in January and they were all out. For some irresponsible reason I never went back and have been lost in the world ever since. This is the only way I can kinda keep track of upcoming travel and race training and other random stuff.  So yeah, it’s the end of July and I’m just getting a calendar. That’s pretty much my life.

My other favorite Camiseta Newcastle United thing of the week / my entire life is this photo of my fave tiny person in an RER onsie. I randomly found it the other day and it completely made my heart burst.

^ RER gear is available in my spreadshirt shop ^  I just found out they are using a discount code Aug 4th – 9th.

Get 15% off with code: HEAT16 – but it’s not valid until those dates. just make note! ^

And fro-yooooooooo!

Question: What’s your favorite thing this week?



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