Four Miles in four hours

The day started off optimistic, I packed up an iced coffee as well as went to pick up skinny Runner for a drive down to San Diego. later that iced coffee would wreck my tummy as well as that was the high point of my day…

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Long story short – we spent 4 hours in the vehicle since of two major accidents. The web traffic was bumper to bumper as well as we Camiseta Sanfrecce Hiroshima were only 1 exit from where we started after an hour?!

Then, we saw a motorcycle man serve to prevent getting hit, accident as well as autumn best on the side of Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Polonia us! It was extremely scary, however he was able to stand best up as well as nobody else got hurt.

SR tried to utilize my wise phone to discover an alternating route, however we lastly chose to provide up as well as go home. We had to phone call it a loss on the race, however we’ll each run on our own tomorrow to at least get in the miles. She’s running the NY Mary too!!!

After hours in the hot vehicle without any sustenance we needed lunch.

But, we’re on the Kim Kardash diet plan = eat Yogurtland daily so we made the required stop.

I kept it nutty as well as fruity.

SR refused to smile. I believe she was ill of 4 hours of me insisting we play reality or attempt in the car. We understand much more about each other than either one of us would care to admit.

How can you not smile when Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Arabia Saudita you have fro-yo?!

I made the required stops on the method house – pickles as well as watermelon.Stay tuned for a special Water Pickle Salad recipe coming tomorrow!!!

Ben as well as I spent the evening cleaning as well as painting the base boards in the living room.

No, we didn’t paint them with Mexican yogurt – we just utilized that as the paint can.

See you later!

Q: Does as well much coffee/iced coffee ever ruin your stomach? 

I’m typically fine, however this week it’s been bugging me.



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