Five Friday favorites For eating and Running and

Hello! pleased Friday! pleased any other day if you’re reading this at random. I hope you had a terrific week! I actually got sick. That never happens. Boo. So I was a little less than 100% the last two days. I’m so ready to get back to running and eating and repeating already!!

Since I’m sure you’re ready to wrap it up and hit the town for the weekend today’s post is all about my five favorites in food, running, blogging and random…
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Podcast Recaps from Aug 6
And here’s a new video with a quick recap of 3 podcasts I listened to yesterday. 
Podcasts Recapped:

The drama Club – April 2018 episode about Monica Lewinsky and July 2018 episode about Conan O’Brien and duchess of York Fergie. interesting stuff!

The morning toast Podcast – Today’s episode about hot topics including the E! news announcement that the show will be completely cancelled (the times have been switched up a bit lately, but now it’s over).

Juicy scoop with Heather McDonald – interview with Captain Sandy from below Deck Mediterranean 

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Five favorite Foods this Week…

1. green Smoothies. check out my easy green smoothie recipe here.

2. Um, the best 99 cent store finds! Camiseta Club Tijuana Red velvet yogurt and Gluten Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Dinamarca totally free Kashi Waffles!! Yes, the yogurt is good! <- I was very pleased about that because a few of my recent flavor finds haven’t changed my life. 3. Take-out Indian food. even though I’m sick, I’m still hungry – but I don’t want to cook. I ate out a lot this week and tried to keep it sensible and healthy as much as possible. 4. Rice. It’s just my favorite. 5. Yogurt bowls with fruit and nuts. Five Running Things: 1. finally added my LA Marathon and surf City half Marathon medals to my SportHooks Medal Hanger. I’m considering donating all of them to a good cause soon. 2. need some cross training ideas to balance out your Camiseta Bayern Munich running?

Janae at hungry Runner girl has a terrific spin workout here.


3. This woman qualified for the Olympic trials at 40.


4. My favorite commercial that will inspire you to view much more TV or workout much more or laugh. Or none of those.


5. RER Pen I randomly got in the mail because marketing companies always think I have a restaurant. Ha!

Five things I’d like to Repeat / Randomly blog About:

1. vegas stealing my lavender heating pad. It’s so heavy though! I put it on him for a second but he loved it and started purring. When I took it off he nudged at it for more.


2. because I’m doing the Integrative Nutrition school I have been researching healthier oils and pans and everything else I can think of. I thought this was valuable and interesting – 5 best Oils for Your Kitchen

3. new Girl.


4. The fact that my toe finally is starting to look and feel normal. It’s been a long time because I stubbed the shlt out of it. It’s barely alright now!


5. My StitchFix Haul this month is awesome! I’m obsessed with the white top I got and maxi dress.

Here is another piece from the delivery…


Question: What’s your favorite thing this week?



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