I swear It’s because of the Drought!

Hello! How’s it going?

Hope you enjoyed my StitchFix review yesterday. Camiseta VfL Wolfsburg I know vegas loves when I get a new StitchFix delivery…
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American dirt book review

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Last night I headed to one of my peep’s for Girls’ Night. sometimes we try and keep it healthy sometimes we’re like “F it. Let’s eat cupcakes on paper plates…”

Before our hang out I had a super healthy snack though. I get an “A” for this one – laughing Cow and carrots.

Daily Run and Eat

I woke up this morning at 5:30am – no alarm, just my body’s internal clock still messing with me (at least it wasn’t 4am like Sunday). and I Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Australia woke up Hungry! So breakfast required an appetizer. In this case – oatmeal was my first course…

This morning was a strength workout at home with my dumbbells and NO RUN just a long walk with my head movies. It was nice, but I’m still waiting for some fall cool down weather.

Then, I got back and made eggs.

I put them in my dirty oatmeal bowl because there is a major drought here and I don’t want to waste water by washing it twice. (That, or I’m lazy.)

I also chugged a bunch of coconut water because again, there is a drought and I don’t to waste water. Aaaaand I feel like it’s amazingly good for you and tastes good and makes me happy today.

And now I’m going over a presentation I’m giving tomorrow at The social media Week conference in LA. I am ridiculously nervous because it’s not a running or healthy living conference – it’s just social media and I feel like I don’t belong. wish Camiseta Sporting CP me luck please!

(Also blaming my dirty hair on the drought…)


Question: What are you drinking right now (or what was the last thing you were drinking if you’re not reading RER and chugging at the same time)?



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