Lunch at Costco and trail mix

Today’s lunch consisted of Costco samples and (a lot of) trail mix. After school stuff I went to Anne’s house of Nuts and Costco. Seriously, if you live near Jessup, MD you have to go the Anne’s outlet. I got a huge bag of deelish trail mix for $3.00! I came out with two bags of nuts and dried fruit! field day.

Then, I went to Costco. Gosh! That place is full of people offering you samples of high calorie stuff you don’t want to buy a ton of, but do want a bite or two ;). Today I had apple pie, chips with 7 layer dip, soup, My first Pierogie!, and other stuff I don’t recall.I normally don’t take pictures of the samples I eat, but this was out of control.
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I also picked up this “Latina” Mango from the Cost…

See the sticker! now I like these mangoes even more ?

I like my dinners like guys like their women – the easier the better. dinner was more trail mix and pita pizzas with brussel sprouts. I love super Camiseta Boca Juniors simple, but tasty dinners like Camiseta Newcastle United this!

Now I am trying to avoid the trail mix calling my name and catch up on emails. Isn’t that a fancy Friday night?

Tomorrow Ben and I are driving to Conneticut to see his sister, brother-in-law (Brian)  and babies! They are visiting Brian’s sister who lives in the CT. I’ve never been there and am not looking forward to Camiseta Sevilla FC the long drive. I swore off road trips after the “Road trip to end all” this summer. But, it will be fun!

Note to self: You will be on a very long drive, bring snacks, but not trail mix.



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